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5 Career Opportunity Changes During the Pandemic To Keep You Optimistic

5 Career Opportunity Changes During the Pandemic To Keep You Optimistic

The recent events of Covid-19 have left many job seekers with doubt and uncertainty, and phrases like ‘there’s a huge recession going on now’ or ‘companies are firing and no one is hiring’ keep getting thrown around.

But a quick search on any job search site will prove otherwise.  On LinkedIn alone, companies posted over 7000 jobs within the last month, ranging from entry level all the way to executive positions. So if you’re a fresh graduate or job candidate who is currently feeling a little demotivated read on to find out the reasons why you should remain positive instead.

People are more connected than ever

Although ‘social distancing’ has become the new norm, the reality is that people are more connected than ever. Just look at how Zoom became a trend, overnight! Companies adapted to online discussions at an astonishing pace. Job interviews, meetings, presentations all done from home. Everything is possible and now made easier online, even acquiring new jobs.

Flexible work hours might become a new norm

As long as the job does not involve an active audience, many companies offer flexible hours to their employees since most of the workforce are encouraged to work from home. Eventually, things will get better and movement restrictions will get eased and lifted completely; but now that companies have experienced how flexible hours actually impact their workforce, flexible work arrangements may become a part of the “new normal”.

More empathy from employers

The Canadian federal government said it best when they said ‘you are not just working from home, you are at your home, during a crisis, trying to work’. Simply put, we are all in this together. Employers are more understanding of an employee’s limitations when it comes to work from home situations, and this encourages a healthier relationship between you and your potential employers.

New careers emerge due to high demand

While some industries are hit hard in this pandemic, there are others that are thriving. Many companies are hiring remote job positions. Among the remote jobs that are experiencing high growth include graphic design, accounting and book keeping, internet and e-commerce, education, as well as translation. New jobs that never existed are now a norm, such as Zoom technical support or remote IT consultants.

Gain effective communication skills

This pandemic has also taught us the importance of effective communication. As the work from home approach takes up a lot more administrative and technical skills, we find ourselves cutting short meetings and resorting to texts or e-mails for issues that can be resolved quickly. This not only trains you to become an effective communicator but also saves your time and allows you to spend that time to grow and acquire new expertise.

There are a lot of other reasons why we should remain positive during the pandemic, and they all point towards better career prospects if we know the right places to look.

Keep Calm and Career On!