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5 Simple Steps To Reinvent Your Career In 2020

5 Simple Steps To Reinvent Your Career In 2020

It’s the season to get started on those New Year resolutions! Many of us are looking forward to make important life-changing decisions in the New Year including making a career move.

There may be many reasons to pursue a new career, for example, better work-life balance, better salary and benefits or even a new area of work to challenge yourself by moving out of your comfort zone.

Whatever your reasons may be for a career move, here are 5 steps to guide you in reinventing your career in the new decade.

1. Stay committed to your goal. Merely being unhappy with your current job and complaining constantly without finding constructive ways to act on it would be pointless. One way to get started on staying committed to make a change is writing it down and reflecting on it every day.

2. Determine what you want to do. Identify what are the career options which suit your existing skill set and other interests. Do you prefer to work from home? Do you prefer a job that always you to travel rather than a desk bound job? What are the new skills you want to acquire? What is your ideal company culture? These are some common examples of questions to consider in identifying your ideal career. Undertake research on recruitment portals to learn more about the requirements for your ideal career and read articles relating to your area of interest.

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A great way to identify suitable career options is to complete a psychometric assessment.

3. Identify and fill skill gaps. Once you have determined the type of work you want to do, you need to identify the skills and work experience you are lacking and acquire those specific skills by taking up short courses or studying for the relevant certification. Attend networking events and gain insights from industry experts in your area of interest to determine your strengths and weakness and work on improving your skills to meet the demands of your ideal career.

4. Update your resume and Marie Kondo your social media accounts. The next crucial step is to get your resume updated with pertinent information such as your academic qualifications, added skills and work experience relevant to fulfill the job description. Remember to tidy up your social media accounts to ensure you make the right impression on prospective employers and gain better career opportunities!

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5. Make an effort to network with others within the same industry. Whether you are a first time job seeker or contemplating a career switch, networking with others including industry experts comes in handy. Get the word around among family, friends and former colleagues that you are looking for a job in a particular industry and ask if they can connect you with anyone in that industry. Attend networking events hosted by organisations will help you expand your network and gain valuable insights about a particular area of work. Be prepared to answer why you decided to make a career move or leave your current role to avoid any speculation and prove to your prospective employers that you can handle being put in a spot!

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