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Mistakes To Avoid In A Job Interview

Mistakes To Avoid In A Job Interview

There are so many ways that a job interview can go wrong — the possibility of being super late, being underprepared and other slip-ups — more importantly, you should always be mindful of your words. Your language can speak volumes about who you are as a candidate.

Here are some tips regarding things you should avoid saying during a job interview.

Don’t hurl insults about the office space you walk into

You walk into the office building and find that it is a lot less modern than you thought it would be. Does the recruiter need to know that? Of course not. It is best to keep your opinion under wraps. Hiring managers didn’t check out your application and invite you for an in-person interview to witness you wasting their time and a valuable opportunity. You may not look like a good fit for the company — even if you exceed the qualifications.

Use ‘filler words’ as little as possible

Nirmitha Govindaraju, General Manager of Faceberry Publications cautions against overusing filler words like, “erm”, “um” and “hmm” during a job interview. “Personally I never realised that this was an issue until it was brought to my attention and I started watching footage of myself speaking. Sure enough, I was fumbling thus throwing out a lot of “ums”. To correct this problem, I started speaking more slowly. If there was a question that I had to think about, I would remain completely silent until I could find the right words. Don’t worry if there is an awkward silence. It’s better to pause and say nothing-at-all than filling the air with a stream of filler words,” she adds.

Avoid profanities and offensive language

Never cross this line. You’d think not swearing is the 101 of interviewing, but you’d be surprised how often people still do it. Even if your interviewer drops as few S- or F-bombs, it is advisable as a candidate to remain courteous and exude professionalism at all times during an interview. Although different workplaces have varying standards of conduct, never assume your prospective workplace is a safe territory — especially since you haven’ been hired or have the opportunity to know more about their work culture.

Never say that you have no questions for the interviewer

Be prepared to ask questions during job interviews – even if you already know the answer. If you don’t, you risk looking like you don’t care about the position, the job, or a possible future there. While researching about the company before an interview, write down things that strike you and be sure to ask them in person. This will show that you’ve done your homework and at best interested in how the business operates and to get a better sense of what it would be like to be a part of the organisation.

Be diplomatic with answers about your current or former employers

Badmouthing is never a smart move.  Statements you should avoid saying during an interview, for example, “my current company is awful”, has the potential of raising doubts about your credibility as you may be perceived to be capable of saying the same about the new company. Resist the urge to speak ill of your current or former employers or share negative job experiences to avoid creating a negative impression on your prospective employer!