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Top 5 Tech Skills Sought After In 2020

Top 5 Tech Skills Sought After In 2020

According to LinkedIn Learning, the following hard skills are the most in-demand in 2020, given the digital age and the awareness for tech-related skills.

1. Blockchain – Related to the use of cryptocurrency, blockchain made its debut in 2009 as a way to store, validate and authorise digital information in a public database. According to LinkedIn, the small number of professionals with the skills in this area are in high demand around the world.

2. Cloud computing – Given the growing number of companies operating on the cloud, employees with skills in this field are in demand to create and implement cloud systems like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

3. Analytical reasoning – Talent with the skills to analyse data and develop business strategies to drive the business forward is much sought after in the new decade.

4. Artificial intelligence – The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is meant to increase the potential and capabilities of the future workforce. Employees skilled in various aspects involving AI such as machine learning and natural language processing will become an important asset to the company in developing and delivering more innovative products and services.

5. UX design – Talent with skills in creating more engaging and user-friendly experience in delivering products and services will be in demand to gain the the attention of consumers.


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