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Work From Home: How To Be Productive

Work From Home: How To Be Productive

Perks that come with working from home – spending less time commuting to work and the convenience of moving from your bed to your work space pose the biggest challenges.

In the wake of COVID-19, many employees continue to cope with social distancing and adjusting to work life from home.

Here are some effective ways to switch to work mode at home.

1. Set up a separate work space

An adequate work space with proper lighting, ventilation, Internet access and more importantly, away from distractions such as noise, children or pets can increase productivity of working at home. In fact, moving to a separate area in the house for work purposes will get you mentally prepared to switch from home mode to work mode.

2. Plan your tasks for the day

The key word here is “prioritize”. With a lot of time to get things done, we tend to be over-ambitious about what we can actually execute within a day or a stipulated period of time. Be realistic about your expectations. This way, you can be sure to complete more urgent matters rather than worry about the fact that you didn’t get everything done in a day.

3. Take breaks

It may be difficult to move away from your laptop when you are overwhelmed with several tasks. Just because you are at home, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a proper break. Make time for meal breaks and drink water regularly instead of slogging in front of the computer for three hours straight and snacking throughout the day!

4. Manage distractions

It can be easy to get distracted working in a familiar environment, ie at home. Apart from dealing with the noise level, daily chores can also be a form of distraction that may increase your stress levels. Be proactive and manage such distractions accordingly. For example, short breaks can be used to dry the laundry or washing dishes in the sink.

5. Stay connected

Working from home doesn’t mean you isolate yourself completely, even in times of a pandemic. Use technology such as Skype to stay socially connected with other colleagues or go old-school by just making a phone call to check-in and discuss progress on work with your boss and colleagues.